Property Tips for Buyers, Sellers and Investors

Below is a list of Property Tips for Property Buyers, Property Investors, and for people selling property, in London and all over the UK.

It is a comprehensive list of all our Top Tips as seen on our Twitter page @BuyingAdvisor, which will be updated regularly.

Scroll down to the bottom for the latest tip.

  1. First thing you do when you complete contracts – CHANGE THE LOCKS!
  2. Vendors: Please remember to sign your deed of transfer before the day of completion.
  3. Sole Selling Rights in an estate agents contract is not Sole Agency.  You will still pay them if you sell privately.  Do you want that?
  4. Vendor: Not everyone loves your open plan bathroom in your bedroom – think first, cutting edge design or speed path to divorce.
  5. Daily Tip: Buyers : Practice your poker face – if you enthuse too much it will make negotiations harder, alternatively, hire us !!!!!!!!
  6. Daily Tip: Investors: Only buy furniture when a tenant asks NOT before as U may be stuck with profit eating storage costs. #propertyinvesting
  7. Completion in brand spanking #newdevelopment today. Always check appliances are wired in…#developers can be lazy!
  8. Should #buyers and #sellers meet?  Could be a match made in heaven or curdle like a homemade hollandaise!
  9. Daily Tip: #Buyers: Check the walls behind bookcases and sofas – it may not have been re-painted with the rest of the room!
  10. Daily Tip: #investors: Use the same carpet and fittings on all your #portfolio. It saves money and time when repairs are needed.
  11. All our overseas buyers are avoiding London during the #Olympics.  Need to sell, push your agent hard NOW.  There’s 35 days left….
  12. #Buyers PLEASE don’t pick your #solicitor because they are cheap. They are cheap for a reason.
  13. Sellers: you can only make one first impression, have the foxes attacked your bins?…clean it up NOW.
  14. #Buyers: If a #property seems too good to be true, it probably is. Get a thorough survey and have the lease scrutinized
  15. Daily Tip: #Investors: Works always costs more than you think – add a 15% contingency fund as a minimum!
  16. Daily Tip: INSIST on a Party Wall Agreement if ur neighbour is doing work.A sledgehammer can easily find its way thru ur smart kitchen wall
  17. Daily Tip: A damp guarantee is not worth the paper it’s written on unless the company is still in business. Take note
  18. Investors: as soon as you exchange, if the agent/vendor allows, get the property on to the rental market to reduce any void periods
  19. #Buyers: Buying above #commercial? Check the usage band in case there’s a chance a fried chicken shop may move in beneath you!
  20. U do not need a flood survey in #London unless U think La Palma is going to collapse. So far the #ThamesBarrier has done its job.
  21. #Buyers: A compass; so small, but can tell you if your garden and front windows will get any afternoon sun in an instant…useful.
  22. Find a #tradesman you can trust and hold on to him like glue, if you can find one in the first place that is! #wishfulthinking.
  23. #Buyers: Open up all the kitchen drawers and cupboards. Don’t be shy, you are buying the fixtures too.
  24. #Buyers: In Chelsea, watch out for the tube – it is Very CLOSE to the surface in places and can be teeth rattling.
  25. Top Tip: Buyers: Don’t move in to your new home on a Friday, the roads are busier and removal services often offer mid-week discounts.
  26. Top Tip: Buyers: Buy in a town where a Waitrose and/or Marks and Spencer is being built, it seems that’s what people look for in a town.
  27. Top Tip: #Buyers: Take your own photos and/or videos on a viewing, of the bad stuff and the good stuff to help you remember properties.

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